Health and care services

Appropriate, high-quality health and social care services must be available to all who require them, regardless of age, income or diagnosis. These services are primarily provided by municipalities and health trusts (hospitals).

The state is responsible for ensuring that there are universal framework conditions in place through the use of regulatory and financial requirements. The state is also responsible for monitoring and inspecting health and social care services. Much of this work is carried out by the County Governor.


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Extension of approval

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has temporarily transferred authority to the County Governor of Rogaland to process and make decisions in cases concerning the extension of approval as a petroleum doctor. This authority applies to applications received during 2021 and 2022.


Acceptance of British and Dutch medical certificates

The County Governor of Rogaland has, in accordance with section 20 in the regulations regarding health requirements, determined that British and Dutch medical certificates are accepted in line with Norwegian medical certificates for petroleum activities offshore.

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