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Published 8/7/2013

Statsforvaltaren i Rogaland

The County Governor is the chief representative of the King and Government, and work to ensure that decisions of the Storting (Parliament) and Government are implemented correctly.

Lone M. Solheim er statsforvaltar i Rogaland


We care for Rogaland (Our vision: Vi tar vare på Rogaland)

"We care for Rogaland by facilitating development and help to coordinate government activities in the county. The County Governor is working for the benefit of all who lives in Rogaland. This is done by treating all matters correctly and quickly and by having an open and friendly attitude to all who turn to us."

The County Governor

Lone M. Solheim


In Norway, people meet the public sector in most areas of life. For the individual, the most important administrative level is the municipality, or local government. They are responsible for the basic services of society. An important role of the County Governor is to advise and supervise the local authorities in the implementation of central policies in a local context – with due respect to the political judgement of the local government.


In doing so, the County Governor acts as a guardian of civil rights. The County Governor may review local decisions regarding the rights of any individual in the fields of health and social care, education, building and planning, and may change the decision for the benefit of the individual. Other important fields of action are environment protection, agriculture, emergency planning, local government finances and family matters.

About Lone M. Solheim

Lone M. Solheim, born 1964, has been County Governor of Rogaland since July 1, 2019.

Solheim has a law degree from the University of Oslo. She has worked for the County Governor of Rogaland since 2002. At that time she came to Fylkeslegen (Chief County Medical Officer) from the County Tax Office.

Fylkeslegen later became part of the County Governor's office. Solheim has been assistant director in our health, social and child welfare department. In 2012, she was employed as director in the social department.

Solheim grew up in Tjøme in Vestfold, but moved to Stavanger in 1988. She is married and has three children.