Planning and building law

Municipalities have a responsibility for land planning, and they grant planning permission within their territory. The Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation is the supreme authority in matters concerning planning and building. The County Governor is the administrative appeals body for matters concerning construction and development plans.  

Appeals concerning building and development plans

In its role as administrative appeals body, the County Governor must help to ensure that policy objectives for development as set forth in laws, regulations and land plans are taken into account in the best possible way. However, the County Governor must also attach importance to the municipality’s right to self-determination.

Who can appeal?

Developers, neighbours and other individuals directly affected may appeal municipal decisions in matters of building and development. These appeals must be sent to the municipality. If the municipality does not change its stance, the case is submitted to the County Governor for a final ruling.

Case processing times

The County Governor must prioritise cases where an appeal is causing a delay in the implementation of a decision. These cases must be processed within six weeks. In other cases, the County Governor must prioritise the cases based on their importance to the individual and to society. Case processing times must not exceed three months. 

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