Working offshore in Norway with British and Dutch medical certificates

Offshore workers from abroad can from 6 December 2012 use the British and Dutch medical certificates when they go offshore in Norway.


The Norwegian acceptance of Oil & Gas UK medical certificates will not be affected by the UK leaving the European Union.

Published 12/6/2012

The decision applies to the use of Oil and Gas UK and NOGEPA medical certificates in replacement for Norwegian offshore medical certificates both in maritime operations and petroleum activities at sea.

What does this mean in practice?

Offshore workers with valid Oil & Gas UK or NOGEPA medical certificates can now work in the Norwegian sector without a Norwegian medical certificate. Offshore workers abroad can go to Oil & Gas UK or NOGEPA doctors and get an Oil & Gas UK or NOGEPA medical certificate, even though they only will be working in the Norwegian sector

You can find examples of what these certificates look like to the right of this article. The layout may vary, with different colors and logos.

If the medical certificate has restrictions, these also apply in Norway. The Oil and Gas UK and NOGEPA medical certificates with restrictions to named mobile offshore units or vessels are accepted also when these named mobile offshore units or vessels are in Norwegian waters.

The certifications can only be performed by Oil & Gas UK or NOGEPA registered doctors.

Where can I find the Oil and Gas UK and NOGEPA their approved doctors?

Links to Oil and Gas UK and NOGEPA home pages can be found in the the list of shortcuts on this page.

Important to remember

If you go offshore with a foreign medical certificate, the same rules apply as for people with Norwegian medical certificates. The operators and service companies will do controls in accordance with standard practice and the Norwegian regulations regarding health requirements. This means that you can be refused to travel offshore if the operator believes that you fail to meet the health requirements.

We have given notice of this to the industry associations Norwegian Oil and Gas, the Norwegian Shipowners Association, Oil and Gas UK and NOGEPA and all Norwegian heliports.

Detailed description of the decision

The County Governor of Rogaland has, in accordance with section 20 in the regulations regarding health requirements, determined that British and Dutch medical certificates are accepted in line with Norwegian medical certificates for petroleum activities offshore.

The following certificates are accepted:

  • Offshore Medical Certificate in accordance with Oil and Gas UK Medical Guidelines
  • Personal Safety Logbook: V. Medical Examinations Nederlandse Olie en Gas Exploratie en Productie Associatie (NOGEPA) Guidance for Offshore Medical Examinations

Are Norwegian offshore medical certificates good for offshore work in the British sector?

The County Governor can not give updated information on the worldwide use of Norwegian medical certificates. A statement regarding the use of Norwegian medical certificates in the British sector can be found on the Oil and Gas UK home page (scroll to the bottom of their page).