Information and courses for diving doctors

To work as a diver offshore (offshore) require a health certificate issued by an approved diving doctor. From 01.01.2014 new rules for approval of diving doctors.

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Published 3/21/2014

To be approval as a diving doctor you must be approved as a petroleum doctor and have knowledge of relevant Norwegian legislation and matters relating to manned subsea operations.

Health claims regulation states that you must undergo mandatory medical diver training (course) and have passed the exam to become certified as diving doctor.

Courses held by NUI has been approved by theNorwgian Directorate of Health. Courses  are held twice a year. Courses  are determined about 3-4 months in advance but is typically in May / June and October / November.

The course is organized by Haakonsvern Orlogstasjon, Diving and Scuba Center (DFS) in Bergen.

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