Nursery schools and education

Children and young people are entitled to receive good schooling and proper opportunities for development, from nursery school age until the completion of upper secondary school.

  • Municipalities are duty-bound to provide nursery school places to children who will turn one before 1 September in the year in which the parents apply, provided that the child is resident in the municipality. The child may be allocated a place in a public or private nursery school.
  • Children and young people have a right and an obligation to undertake ten years’ primary and lower secondary education from the age of six. They are entitled to have this funded by the state. The municipalities are responsible for the provision of this primary and lower secondary education.
  • Young people between 16 and 19 years of age are entitled to a state-funded upper secondary school education. The county authorities take responsibility for education at upper secondary level. 

The County Governor provides supervision and handles appeals

The County Governor informs and offers guidance to residents, nursery school owners and schools, in accordance with the Education Act, the Independent Schools Act and the Act on Day Care Institutions and the regulations provided therein. The County Governor is also the administrative appeals body for individual decisions in the field and supervises these in line with the Education Act and the Act on Day Care Institutions. provides information for children, young people and parents on bullying and rights. 

Funding for schools and nursery schools

The entitlement to funding lies primarily with school or nursery school owners and local municipalities. The County Governor has responsibilities surrounding the verification and monitoring of such funding, as well as related appeals.



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