The Qualification Programme

The Qualification Programme will help more people who have a reduced working or earning capacity and receive little to no national insurance benefits to gain qualifications and enter the labour market. This will be facilitated by closer, more committed assistance and monitoring from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). 

Who can participate in the programme?

The qualification programme seeks to boost efforts to assist people who are or may become dependent on social support in the long term. The programme is open to everyone who is of working age, has a reduced working or earning capacity and is in receipt of limited or no subsistence benefits. The programme runs on a full-time basis, all year round. Participation in a qualification programme entitles the individual to a qualification grant. As this grant is predictable, it means that the recipient can plan their finances over time.  

The qualification programme is the authority’s most important tool in combatting poverty.

The County Governor’s responsibilities

The County Governor has several responsibilities with regard to the qualification programme. These responsibilities include:

  • supervising NAV offices
  • providing relevant training to employees at NAV offices
  • ensuring support for the programme among municipal leaders
  • co-ordinating measures and competence-building activities in the qualification programme for NAV at county level
  • offering guidance, spreading knowledge and implementing measures to develop skills among managers and employees at NAV offices
  • handling complaints 



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