Combating poverty

Norway’s Action Plan Against Poverty forms part of an overarching policy which encompasses

  • social equalisation
  • inclusion
  • combating poverty

This plan sets forth measures to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enter the labour market and that children and young people have the chance to develop personally and participate in society, in addition to measures to improve the living conditions of society’s most vulnerable. The Act on Social Services in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) also aims to improve the living conditions of society’s most vulnerable and to boost social and financial security.

The County Governor must help with training

The County Governor is tasked with helping to curate training, development, competence-boosting and quality-assurance measures within the social services that NAV provides, and additionally with overseeing the financial advice and social services offered to children and young people.

Funding to combat poverty

The County Governor also administers several funding schemes. This funding forms part of the Action Plan Against Poverty, and all municipalities are entitled to apply for it. The County Governor and NAV select which municipalities will receive such funding. The purpose of this funding is to help implement measures to prevent and reduce poverty and social exclusion among the children, young people and families with young children who receive social security benefits from NAV. Municipal services relating to social housing must also be bolstered and developed in order to better address the needs of homeless people and individuals with drug and alcohol dependencies, namely the need for continued support in questions of housing. 

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