Municipal finances

The County Governor must offer municipalities advice and guidance on questions of financial management, including those relating to regulatory requirements, income systems and the central government budget.


Municipalities that have failed to balance their budgets in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act are entered on the Register for Governmental Approval of Financial Obligations (otherwise known as “Robek”). The County Governor must monitor budget and economic plans in Robek municipalities and must also approve all decisions regarding loans and long-term lease agreements.

Municipal guarantees

Municipalities may grant loan guarantees. When a municipality provides a guarantee for a sum over NOK 500,000, this decision must be approved by the County Governor.

Discretionary funds

Municipalities may receive discretionary funds as part of transfers made by the state to the municipal sector. The County Governor is the body that transfers these funds to the municipalities in each county. Such funds are allocated in accordance with ministry guidelines.

Intermunicipal companies

If one of the municipal owners of a company is subject to the provisions of § 60 of the Local Government Act, the company’s decisions to take out any loans must be approved by the County Governor.

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