Royal visits

The royal family makes a range of official tours and visits both within Norway and abroad. The County Governor is tasked with preparing, implementing and evaluating royal visits in co-operation with the Royal Court. Our responsibility relates to royal tours and to visits of an official nature within Norway.

Press packs and accreditation

An important aspect of our task is to ensure that when the royal family visits or takes part in events there are favourable working conditions for the media. We develop a media plan for journalists and photographers in co-operation with the Court. Journalists and editors who wish to cover royal visits must apply for accreditation. Applications for accreditation are generally made through a digital form on the County Governor's website. Accredited journalists and photographers are given access to dedicated press areas.
Sometimes space considerations make it necessary for us to use a press pool or photo pool. This means that only a select few accredited individuals are allowed to be present, on the condition that their material can be shared with other accredited journalists and editors. When we use a pool, we follow the Norwegian Press Association's pool regulations.


Event organisers who wish to invite members of the royal family are kindly requested to send the invitation to the County Governor of the county in question. This applies to events outside of Oslo. The County Governor will then forward the invitation to the Royal Court, which will process the invitation.

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