Introduction programme for new immigrants

Updated 5/12/2023

The purpose of the introduction programme is to enhance the opportunities that groups of new arrivals in Norway have to rapidly find work or enter education or training. Work and education are both crucial to ensuring participation in society and economic independence.

Training – rights and obligations 

Many new arrivals residing in Norwegian municipalities are lacking in basic qualifications. These people have a right, and an obligation, to take part in the introduction programme. This right and this obligation also apply to participation in Norwegian language and social studies courses up to a total of 600 hours. Municipalities are responsible for the implementation of the introduction programme and for Norwegian language and social studies courses.

Those who take part in the introduction programme are entitled to an introduction grant.

Municipalities receive funding for the programme 

Anyone who is entitled to receive training in accordance with the Introduction Act is registered on the National Introduction Register (NIR). Municipalities can use the information on those registered to apply for funding in order to run the courses in Norwegian language and social studies. This funding is calculated based on how many people eligible for this right and obligation are resident in the municipality, and municipalities will receive additional contributions if the Norwegian exam is passed. In addition, the municipalities in which refugee reception centres are located receive funding in order to provide Norwegian language courses for adults seeking asylum.

The County Governor’s responsibilities:

The County Governor is responsible for approving NIR applications and for paying out funding.

The Introduction Act contains a number of provisions regarding the individual’s rights and obligations. The County Governor is the administrative appeals body for decisions made on the basis of these provisions.

The County Governor oversees municipal activity in this field, ensuring that the municipalities fulfil their obligations in accordance with the Integration Act.

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