Conservation of farmland

We need cultivated and cultivable land in order to ensure food supplies in the long term. For this reason, we must as far as is possible avoid building roads, housing and industrial sites on cultivated land. Conservation of farmland means ensuring that the best land continues to be used for the cultivation of food and is not re-purposed for other uses.

The pressure on soil space varies greatly from region to region, with surplus space, overgrown land and poor maintenance in some areas, and a lack of land and space on which to scatter livestock manure, a high incidence of land being re-purposed for other uses and high rents in others.

The parts of the country with towns and densely populated areas which are experiencing the most growth also have the most productive agricultural sectors. Over the past 50 years, over one million decares of agricultural land have been re-purposed for other uses. In land planning, development needs, transport systems, green infrastructure, outdoor recreation interests, biological diversity and cultural heritage must be assessed collectively.