Business development

The County Governor must facilitate business development and innovation in co-operation with other regional and local actors. Regional and local assets and opportunities must be looked after and developed so as to ensure a sound economic basis for the future. The County Governor must also help to develop a good level of interaction between farming and other sectors.

Plans and measures must help to develop farming

Co-operation on county plans, business plans, farm holiday schemes, tourism plans, the development of food production and bioenergy programmes are all central to this work. The County Governor is responsible for developing and implementing regional business strategies for the agricultural sector.

Grants for research and business development facilitation measures in farming

The County Governor also administers grants for research and business development facilitation measures (“UT grants”). Current applicants are organisations, companies and municipalities that need to study or facilitate business development. This funding will help to boost food production, promote the development and modernisation of traditional agriculture and also develop other agriculturally based businesses. Measures concerning the development of organic farming may also be awarded funding from the UT grants. 

The County Governor also has a driving role in Innovation Norway’s development programme for local food. This development programme offers financial resources in the fields of growth enterprises, business networks, expertise and reputation-building.

Innovation Norway administers business-oriented grants relating to investment and business development (“IBU grants”). The county authorities are responsible for the administration of grants for recruitment and competence-building in the spheres of farming and food.

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