Crisis management and coordination

The principle of responsibility means that the public authority that has responsibility for a given area in a normal situation also has, at least as a starting point, responsibility for the same area in a crisis or other extraordinary situation. Meanwhile the principle of subsidiarity provides that crises should be managed at the lowest level possible. 

In a major crisis or catastrophe, several different public authorities will usually be involved in crisis management. In such situations, the County Governor may act to coordinate these authorities’ efforts within the county. If such coordination becomes necessary, the County Governor should establish contact with the relevant public authorities. The County Emergency Council may provide a useful forum in such circumstances.

The County Emergency Council is composed of representatives from the key emergency services, as well as representatives from voluntary and private organisations that have expertise in civil protection and emergency preparedness. The Council acts as a forum for mutual orientation on emergency preparedness planning and, in a crisis situation, will be the County Governor's main means of providing coordination and support.

In time of war the County Governor has authority to safeguard important societal interests if communications with central government are disrupted.


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