Universal design

Universal design is when products, buildings and outdoor public spaces must be designed so as to ensure that the main solution can be utilised by as many people as possible. Universal design must increase opportunities for everyone to participate in society on equal terms. This applies not only to people with disabilities, but also to families with children in buggies and the elderly.

Universal design is the expression of societal values of equality and greater accessibility, and it is envisioned that Norway will be universally designed by 2025.

Universal design is enshrined in a number of pieces of legislation

Universal design is a strategy that requires co-operation and interdisciplinary planning, user participation, practical implementation and an evaluation of measures. Universal design is also rooted and enshrined in several acts and regulations, including the Anti-Discrimination and Accessibility Act and the Planning and Building Act.

The County Governor’s responsibilities

The County Governor monitors state initiatives by playing a role in incorporating universal design into regional and municipal plans. The County Governor also provides advice and guidance on universal design to regional and municipal co-operation partners, as well as to volunteer groups, organisations and user groups.



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