This content was written before 2019 when the number of county governor offices went from 16 to 10. The information may be outdated.

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Published 9/20/2013

The County Governor is the chief representative of King and Government in the county, and works for the implementation of Storting (Parliament) and central government decisions.  

In Norway, people meet the public sector in most walks of life. The most important administrative level, is the municipality, or local government. They are responsible for the basic services of society. The County Governor explains central policy documents in the local context, being aware of each municipality’s ability to provide. Experts from the County Governor’s office supervise local activities, advise and instruct – with due respect to the political judgement of the local government. 

In so doing, the County Governor acts as a guardian of civic rights. The County Governor may look into local decisions regarding the rights of any individual in the fields of health and social care, education, building and planning, and may change the decision to the benefit of the individual. Other important fields of action are environment protection, agriculture, emergency planning, local government finances and family matters. 

Portrett Erling Lae

Erling Lae, County Governor of Vestfold