This content was written before 2019 when the number of county governor offices went from 16 to 10. The information may be outdated.

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Published 4/23/2013


Fylkesmannen i Sogn og Fjordane

Anne Karin Hamre (Foto Melinda Gaal)

Anne Karin Hamre is the County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane.

The county governor is the chief representative of the king and government in each county, and works to ensure that central government decisions and guidelines are implemented correctly.

In Norway, people meet the public sector in most walks of life. Local administration is overseen by municipalities. Each municipality is responsible for providing basic public services. The office of the county governor interprets central government policy for municipalities to implement in a local context.

The county governor acts as a guardian of civil rights. The office of the county governor may review municipal decisions on behalf of citizens in matters regarding environmental protection, agriculture, health and social care services, family affairs, education, building and planning, emergency planning and municipal law and finance.