This content was written before 2019 when the number of county governor offices went from 16 to 10. The information may be outdated.

About us

The County Governor is the King and the government's representative in the county and work to ensure that Parliament and the government's decisions, objectives and guidelines are adopted in the county.

This content is more than one year old. The information may therefore be out of date.

Published 5/2/2013

The County Governor or the County Governor's Office is used as a name for the administrative organ itself, and the official title of the person who is put in charge of the office is County Governor. 

The County Governor formally belongs to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, but we carry out administrative tasks on behalf of a number of ministries and central government agencies.

The County Governor is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks related to individuals and the 19 municipalities in Finnmark.

Our Vision
Our vision "We care about Finnmark" is a common goal for the County Governor of Finnmark.

Our values
The basic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we seek to realize through our activities are:

Our goal is to ensure good lives for the people in Finnmark. We make an effort to build both expertise and insights about living in Finnmark.

We shall be open and accessible to everyone and meet everyone with respect.

We shall be creative and seek solutions for Finnmark, show commitment and through interaction and collaboration create the conditions for positive development in the county.

We shall be clear, accurate and friendly in our communication.